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Actual Projects


Director General of Ekaterinburg Art Foundation  Sergey Titlinov

The creative and production association “Ekaterinburg Art Foundation” is the largest enterprise in its sector in Russia. Its head office and main workshops are situated in Sverdlovsk region, in the city of Ekaterinburg. 

Main activities:
1. Design and creation of monumental artworks

Director General of
Ekaterinburg Art Foundation
Sergey Titlinov

(monuments, decorative compositionsurban and park sculpture, fountains, etc.)
2. Restoration and reconstruction of architectural, historical and cultural monuments 
3. Architectural lighting of urban and industrial environment
4. Design and creation of art interiors
5. Plaster Production
6. Decorative and Applied Production
7. Workshop of Decorative Wood
8. Stained Glass Windows Production
9. Art exhibitions
The best industrial and art traditions of the Russian and Soviet periods are successfully combined in the activity of Ekaterinburg Art Foundation, one of the largest creative and production firms in the Urals. The Foundation possesses potent manufacturing capabilities, modern equipment and considerable experience, accumulated by its team of highly qualified specialists – artists, sculptors and architects. The firm sets itself high standards which allow it to work out and realize projects of great importance in Moscow, the Urals and Western Siberia as well as to reach the level of international co-operation. The firm is engaged in design of artistic interiors for socially significant public and cultural institutions.
One more noticeable direction of the firm’s activity is working on monumental and genre sculptures decorating and transfiguring urban environment.
An independent expert council, constituted of the leading art critics and artists of Ekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk region, implements qualified estimation of all works of art created at the firm.
Ekaterinburg art Foundation is a reliable and responsible partner always ready to go towards the highest and exacting requirements of a customer. This fact as well as high artistic merit of works created at the firm gas gained Ekaterinburg Art Foundation its reputation for excellence.