Final Exhibition of the All-Russian Contest Our Fatherland 2009

Architects and Sculptors are invited to participate in the contest (Russian fellow countrymen residing world-wide). 

The Ekaterinburg Art Foundation realized the 1st Russian National contest of Sculpture and Architecture “Our Fatherland”. The exhibition following the results of the competition was held on the 15th June 2010 in the Central Exhibition Hall (Manege), Moscow. The main goal of the contest was to discover the best sculptural, monumentally- decorative and architectural art works that can exactly show the visitor the historical, cultural, scientific, technical, military and other achievements of the people living in the Russian territory, of those who exerted a great influence on the development and fate of the Russian Federation and the modern civilization. A great success of the first competition impelled us to make it systematic and realize it once in 2 years.The 2nd Russian National contest of Sculpture and Architecture “Our Fatherland” starts on the 1st February 2011.

Registration process is continued, however the sculptural artworks and projects are not accepted until the further notice from the organizing committee of the contest.
About the start of the reception of works to the contest each participant will be informed additionally.