International exhibition of sculptural and photographic artworks IN FAMILY UNITY-UNITY OF THE WORLD


For more than 3 years professionals from different countries of the world have been sending their sculptures and photographs on the topic “Family, Parents, Children” addressed to the organizer of the exhibition -Yekaterinburg Art Foundation. The overall number of countries whose artists sent their artworks for the exhibition is more than 100. Currently there are selected artworks of sculptors and photographers from 89 countries and 5 continents of the world.

At Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO-University) of the MFA of Russia (Moscow) took place the opening of the exhibition, dedicated to the values that are common for the whole humanity.

The opening of the international exhibition took place on 17th of October, 2011 at Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO-University) of the MFA of Russia (Moscow). The works presented in the exposition were created by the authors from 81 countries, from 5 continents.

The exhibition was opened by the MGIMO rector A.V. Torkunov. In his welcoming speech Anatoly Torkunov highlighted how important is the topic of the exhibition “Family, parents, children”, for everyone present and especially for students who are to create families in future. A.V.Torkunov: “A strong family is a pivot that should provide us with a solid existence in the future”.

Making his welcoming speech, the initiator and the organizer of the project S.V. Titlinov mentioned that the authors from more than 80 countries created their artworks according to their cultural views and national traditions. However, all the artworks are devoted to the values that are common for all mankind.

The Russian Minister for Foreign Affairs S.V. Lavrov, the head of the Administration of the President of Russia S.Ye. Naryshkin, Ambassadors Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, cultural attachés of many countries such as Indonesia, Mongolia, Zambia, Nigeria, Turkey, Iran, India; members of the Board of Trustees of the MGIMO University: outstanding Russian politicians and businessmen, representatives of the government and cultural institutions; teachers and students of the University as well as leading Russian and foreign mass media were present at the opening of the exhibition.

The Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Russian State Duma K.I.Kosachev expressed in his comment a strong assurance that the exhibition “In Family Unity – Unity of the World” has a great importance for collaboration of Russia with foreign states.

During the grand opening ceremony the Yekaterinburg Art Foundation carried negotiations about the possibility of holding the exhibition in various countries. According to the organizational purpose of the exhibition, the project has to unite artworks of 100 sculptors and 100 photographers from 100 countries and to be shown in maximum number countries.

All the visitors were impressed by the exposition of the exhibition: geographical scope, original topic, unusual genre (combination of sculpture and photography), variety of presented photographic and plastic images and of course by the topic of the exhibition which will not leave anyone indifferent, because we are all children and we are all parents!


About the Project
The international exhibition project «In Family Unity – Unity of the World» has evolved from the preceding Russian exhibition “In Family Unity – Unity of the Nation” initiated and being held by the Creative-production Corporation «The Ekaterinburg Art Foundation». The project is devoted to the eternal topic of the Family, Parents and Children represented by sculptures and photographs.

The Russian segment of the exhibition (only Russian participants) was initiated in 2005 and has been held within 25 Russian cities. In 2008-2009 the exhibition was exhibited in Moscow for four times in the following venues: The Kremlin, The Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of Russia, The State Duma. The exhibition was shown to the ambassadors of the foreign states as a part of cultural programs of the important international events.
Positive results of the exhibition activities in the variety of Russian regions made us believe that at the present moment we can already work on the international exhibition project “In Family Unity – Unity of the World”.

Aim of the Project
The project aims to promote eternal human values by means of sculpture art and photography.
The main goal of the exhibition is to unite the creative potential of sculptors and photographers from different countries in order to establish universal values and national peculiarities on the topic Family, Parents and Children.

Plans and Prospect
The idea is to unite 100 sculptors and 100 photographers from one hundred countries around the globe. We plan to organize the exhibit in as many foreign countries as possible. The first international exhibitions will be held in Russia. Afterwards the exposition will leave Russian Federation and travel abroad where it will be held consecutively within two different venues: at the main State University of a country and at the international airport.

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