Stained-Glass Windows

Original glass centre “Ural Vitrage” is a unique creative- manufacturing enterprise located in the Urals doing authors glass painting.
The specialists working in the enterprise perfectly master different glass painting manufacturing technologies – from classis to modern ones.
Qualified artists create unique classis glass paintings, mosaics glass painting, tiffany, glass fusing, etc. Every glass painting is an author’s art work which gives peculiarity and singularity to an interior.
The enterprise offers a wide range of unique glass articles:
- interior fountains
- stained glass ceiling lamps and lamps.
- glass elements for decorating an interior and exterior (sounding-boards, columns, balusters, tabletops, glass slates)
- decorative crashproof floors
- glazed tiles with stained glass elements
- glass sculpture
- souvenirs (dishes, vases, ash trays, keychains, etc.)

  • Stained-Glass Windows in Interior
  • Stained-Glass Windows in Exterior

You can see at all works in a Photo Gallery.